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A labor of love from my heart to yours,
a gift received which flows from your heart to the soul of the world.
May we all embrace the miracle of being on life’s journey together at this time.
May we live with respect and reverence for all the lives yet to come.

About the book: 
Ode to Gaia – Calling Forth our Imaginal Selves  began with my own desire to awaken others to the miracle of life through the beauty of art – both words and images: each book was one of a kind, handcrafted, limited edition of 200. They quickly sold out. I had already been dreaming of self-publishing another version but I rose to that challenge only after a woman from Texas, whom I’d never met, emailed me. She’d been attending a workshop on earth based spirituality taught by a traditional tribal elder. He had a copy of the handcrafted Gaia book and shared it with the participants. She wanted to order 20 copies, but I had none left.

A few months later, I received the first proof of my “professionally printed and bound” book. 64 pages, 8.5” square, with 33 images, it’s a small art book carrying a thought-provoking message. We humans behave as if we aren’t dependent on a tiny planet, a blue dot, spinning in the vastness of space.


Poetic text and colorful, complex images revel in life’s miracle and spark our imaginations to see the many possibilities for reconnecting to the web of life. Inspired by the imaginal cells that transform the caterpillar to the butterfly, I invite you to consider that WE HERE NOW ARE THE IMAGINAL SELVES OF HUMANITY. Ode to Gaia will encourage you to hear your soul’s truth, speak up, and take a stand so we can nurture our human evolution to becoming a wiser, more compassionate, fully embodied species. This is how we contribute to a thriving global culture and the restoration of our earthly home.

Ode to Gaia includes three pages for your own creative responses, as well as three pages of worldwideweb links to nurture your own personal sense of belonging to a global community which includes me AND you.

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