BOOK: Ode to Gaia

Two years ago, I handcrafted a book called Ode to Gaia  and made an edition of 200. To make each book unique, I embellished every cover by adding metal leaf and coloring with pencils. The pages were professionally printed but I cut and collated and then hand sewed them together with linen thread and beads. 

Right after the edition sold out, a woman I'd never met from a state far away from where I lived emailed me.  "I want to order 20 of your books!" I took that as a sign to re-create my book as a self-published book. I added pages, more text, more images and voila, here is the result, 64 pages of visionary art and inspiring words to support your life during these perilous - and amazing - times, where chaos really does birth cosmos and the dark and the light truly do enhance each other. In order to carry the spirit of the original book forward, I used the cover shown above as the inside cover to the new book.


You can color it!  I also added two pages at the end for your own creative expression, as well as three pages of links to the worldwideweb. Some of those links are to people and programs with whom I participate on a regular basis. You can join us! 

To purchase the book, go to SHOP in the header. Thank you. Hopefully I'll figure out a button here soon.