BOOK: Ode to Gaia

ACCOLADES for Ode to Gaia - Calling Forth our Imaginal Selves

*Thank you sooo much for this wonderful book....magic on every page....RB, MT

*Deborah - this is the most wonderful thing you have ever done. Its magnificent! Save me another one because this one is going as a gift to my favorite niece,Thanks so much for your insight and skill. DM, WA

*Just read and soul-consumed my Gaia book…I treasure this book, even more beyond-words bittersweet beautiful and prayerful than I expected. It now sits just above my mini-altar and will be read and touched often (and I look forward to adding some of my coloring!) Gaia was certainly guiding you not only in words and painting, but in your TIMING of getting this out…thank you. MR, WA

*Everything about Ode to Gaia is beautiful and wise and so very necessary. Thank you. You are an inspiration to me and your commitment to beauty and re-storying a sacred world helps me to maintain my own…Your love and talent are on every page, with love and gratitude, CS, CA

*A wondrous loving book filled with images of Gaia…you and your work are a constant inspiration…mine has been on my alter ..gracing my space with your love and deep wisdom. JP Ontario CN

*Ode to Gaia is wonderfully gorgeous!  Sue loved the book and I am delighted to have been able to gift her such beauty. Thank you for all you do. BR, Oregon

*Gorgeous and inspiring.  I have such gratitude for your many gifts as an artist, a lover of the earth, and a person. DW, IA

*It's beyond lovely. I will color and come back to again and again. KJ, New Hampshire...

 *Your book is… sweet Inspiration for me….. May your creativity and vision continue to flow out to the world. NE, Oregon



In 2017, I handcrafted a book called Ode to Gaia –inspired by time I spent in prayer in old growth clear cut forest landscapes on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. The devastation forced me to express my love for life on this planet. I want to encourage more of us humans to recognize our thriving depends on all life thriving.

 I made an edition of 200. To make each book unique, I hand colored each cover with pencils. The pages were professionally printed but I cut them to size, collated them all and then hand sewed them together with linen thread and beads.  Right after the edition sold out, a woman I'd never met from a state far away ordered 20 books! I took that unexpected order as a sign to self-publish a “real” book.

It’s longer and has an expanded title: Ode to Gaia – Calling Forth Our Imaginal Selves - 64 pages of visionary art and words that encourage deep thinking about the cultural story in which we currently live. To carry the spirit of the original book forward, I used the cover shown above as the inside cover to the new book. I’ve included two pages for you to color in and three pages of links and suggestions. Some of those links are to people and programs with whom I participate on a regular basis. You can join us! 


The book offers support and inspiration during these perilous - and amazing – times. As I reread the book today, I realize it’s a handbook for moving toward an Ecological Civilization and embracing the coming era for humanity’s evolution – the Symbiocene – Designed to encourage doubt in the old story that’s guided so many of us for thousands of years; designed to inspire faith in mystery, unexpected cultural shifts, non-linearity and the harmony of complex systems; designed to make you fall in love with living at home.

DJM April 2021


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