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July, 2020

Thank you for showing up here. As a digital NON-native, I’m blown away by the features in this store.
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I’ve just finished compiling a book to celebrate the recent group who gathered to explore the Art and Practice of Blessing. I am frankly blown away by the creative genius and beauty that flows forth from women, most of whom don’t claim to be creative. One woman spoke to the gift of consciousness she received when realizing that the land itself, the forest, the sun, the birds – that everything surrounding us – is aware of us and glad to experience our presence. That’s something our ancestors knew but it’s an experience lost to most of us living now. Our awareness of the planet as alive has been squelched by religions’ and modernization’s need for us humans to separate ourselves from the body – our own bodies as well as the BODY of life on which we depend.

Another woman experienced the power of blessing to diminish anxiety when she woke in the middle of the night overcome by powerlessness to change the horrors of our time – climate derangement, public murders of people of color, a pandemic with no predictable end, nuclear threat, bullies for leaders…the list is long and in the middle of the night it seemed even longer. BUT lo, she remembered she could apply the blessing practice to her own fears and it helped her emotionally, psychologically and spiritually as she wrote. The statements that follow are a few lines from a longer poem:

May you find the calm rhythm of your breath to steady you.    

May you feel your fear and anxious energy flow down
to the receiving earth.

May your mind still so your heart can open to an unknowable future.


 And then there is the possibility of ILLUMINATING our blessings. A friend introduced me to a book: Praying in Color – Drawing a New Path to God
by Sybil MacBeth. It’s about doodling – an art form accessible to absolutely everyone. I’ve applied it to our blessing practice and am blown away by doodling’s gifts of insight and the timeless sense of having journeyed somewhere sacred. The simplest one I’ve done so far, took a mere 15 minutes, and moved me to tears of truth.

The one shown below took a much longer time but it served to hone my bones with the truth of DIVERSITY being everywhere adored, nourished and sought after – except in the human community.



So Kathryn Lafond and I journey ever more deeply into the Power of Blessing to Change Everything. We’ve just completed our second four session series, have begun a third, and the fourth begins July 8th. A fifth begins Tuesday August 25th.  We now recognize that Blessing is a forgotten, powerful practice – another victim of so called human progress. We need to reclaim the art and practice of blessing because it ameliorates the alienation and hatred which plagues humanity.  Blessing truly does change everything.


*  expand your emotional and spiritual capacity to engage with our time…

*  feel more resilient, inspired, and compassionate…

*  find companions on the journey, the ones who are ready to stop clinging to the bank and join the flow of the river…

*  raise your consciousness and join the ranks of subtle/sacred/quantum activists…

 * embody the new story for how we live on the planet.

* be inspired by poetic expression, explore links to other media for inspiration, welcome creative prompts for hoNework, and engage in meaningful dialogue.


Please contact me if blessing calls you.

You can learn more about Kathryn here: