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News ‘n’ Views

Here in the northern hemisphere, Spring has arrived. I love the greater balance we all experience when we remember our relatives in the southern hemisphere are entering Autumn. Such a reminder of the bigger picture always contributing to harmony.

Kathryn Lafond and I continue growing and deepening our classes in blessing practice. I am astounded by the good medicine this practice brings to our hurting hearts, our frightened thoughts. Blessing practice leads us to living into the new story of humanity inspiring one heart at a time to imagine an ecological civilization where the love of life leads culture. Simultaneously, blessing practice fosters personal creativity as we are moved to express our love for life by writing, drawing, mandala making, and developing a more intimate relationship with the world around us. Blessing is truly good medicine for what ails us modern humans.


At the end of 2020, I had to move from my apartment where I’d lived for 8 years. That heralds a new card line coming soon. My new place has a lovely living room but no space for painting. I HAVE to be painting, so I purchased an 8” square journal and began a new process, at least it’s new to me. I’m smitten! I paint a watercolor wash, let it dry, and then see images in the swirling colors and draw them with black ink. No erasing is very scary but I’m doing it anyway! After the drawing is in place, I use colored pencils to bring it to life.

Here's a new image accompanied by poetic prose and a blessing.
Can’t you imagine it as a greeting card?

By the end of April I hope to launch a new card line from this intuitive painting process  accompanied by their blessings. In the meantime, purchase from the array of greeting cards already available here at the shop. Every card carries a message from my heart and soul designed to inspire YOU.

with love, Deborah